Parker Community Academy is located in the midst of the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of Chicago where it has served the community for over one hundred years.  Students begin their education at the age of 3 by attending the adjacent Parker Child Parent Center.  The Academy building provides a rigorous, challenging, engaging, and thought-provoking curriculum for students in Grades K-8.  Parker Community Academy is a Math &Science school which features balanced literacy instructional practices for reading and writing, advanced educational opportunities in the K-8 Comprehensive Gifted Program, Algebra preparation classes for upper grade students, science preparatory classes, summer educational programs, after school educational programs, summer enrichment camps, and after school enrichment programs offered through the Community School Initiative.  Parker Community Academy provides an inviting school environment where the administration, staff, and parents work together continually to improve student expectations and student achievement.

Parker Community Academy became a Community School in 2008 which supports the school mission and vision for the community.  Students attending Parker participate in After School programming that extends the curriculum expectations of each student while nurturing students creatively and physically through dance, music, drumline, tumbling, karate, baseball, softball, football, bowling, cheerleading, arts, crafts, and service.  Parent education is vitally important at Parker where the Local School Council, Parent Advisory Council, Community School staff, administration and staff members ensure that workshops and services are tailored to the specific needs of the parents and guardians.  The main goal of Parker Community Academy is to foster a learning community where training the minds and bodies of students, parents, and staff will contribute to Parker’s academic success.